M/F RESIN(Post-forming grade)

Testing jelly time of M/F resin to be used for dipping raw overlay paper sheet(alpha cellulose paper), with glass tube in 100 degree boiling water, datas are different depending on grams

High Clarity

55kgf/㎠, 140℃, 1000 sec. are the test press conditions under which an assemble of dipped paper, o/l + dark colored d/p+ a plurality of phenol resin- impregnated kraft sheet , is put in the hot press.

High cleanness

Place the test sheet on the horizontal support. the surface shall be covered with white paper. Examine the test sheet overlay paper of o/l by viewing it at an eye-to specimen distance of about 750mm and at an angle of approximately 45° to 75° from the horizontal (table surface). the specimen shall be viewed from all directions.

Resin Flow

Resin content and volatile content different depends on grams would cause to different resin flow.

Resin Content

Melamine glue content after impregnation of overlay paper process. Film adhesive in 160℃ drying closet for 10 mins, calculate percentage of impregnated film adhesive / original dry paper, is resin content.


Volatile content, film adhesive in 160 ℃ drying closet for 10mins, calculate percentage of (difference of film adhesive before and after drying)/ film adhesive before drying.


Glue content, controlled during impregnation.

Solid time

Disc-cure for hardening (curing) of the press resin, film adhesive in 160℃ or 250℃ for 10 mins, record

Humidity protective packaging

In each one Ply wood box closed to protect the goods from dust, wet, impact etc. in which package each including 3500pcs overlay, each 300pcs with plastics packs.

Storage condition

Storage air condition in stable temperature around 20- 25℃ to avoid overlay sticky.

Air Dry

Term applied to any pulp and paper sample that has a moisture content in equilibrium with the surrounding atmospheric conditions. Air-dry pulps are assumed to contain 10% moisture.


Property of pulp, paper or board to retain materials it contacts such as liquid, gas and solid substances. 1) In paper, the property that causes it to take up liquids or vapors in contact with it. 2) In optics, the partial absorption of light as it passes through a transparent or translucent material.


Controlled during impregnation.

Abrasion resistance

After pressing laminate, use millstone to test on surface till deco paper completey unmasked, and calculate cycles.


Deco paper or film color and design could be very clear after applying wear layer or overlay paper.

Color design

Melamine paper and vinyl flooring flim with deco design like woodgrain, made from printing, call it printing paper or printing film for decoration.

IXPE film

Ixpe foem or ixpe underlay with staable quality thickness and density.