“How to understand difference of SPC WPC LVT”

SPC, WPC, LVT, LVP Vinyl floorings are more and more popular all over the word, you may know they are vinyl flooring, but how much do you know what exactly they are, and what the difference it is, what's their advantage compare to others? If you want to invest which will be your best selection.


Based on the development of high-tech new environmental protection floor, no benzene, no formaldehyde, mold, waterproof, moisture-proof, fire prevention, insect control, simple installation and other characteristics.

  • there are many colors to choose from.Not only has the natural wood sense and wood texture.
  • high environmental protection, no pollution, recyclable. for environmental protection products, recycling can greatly save the wood, suitable for sustainable development;
  • good machinability, can be fixed, planing, sawing, drilling, surface can be painted;
  • no cracking, expansion, deformation, easy to clean, save the cost of maintenance;
  • sound absorption effect is good, energy saving is good, making indoor energy saving up to 30%;

Vinyl flooring are very widely used in Europe and America homes, applied in kitchen, bathroom, and underground garage. So what’s the difference and how to compare WPC machines, LVT machines, SPC machines, vinyl flooring wear layer for producing these vinyl flooring? If you want to invest, should invest all SPC machine, WPC machine, LVT machine or some of them?

The material uses the environmental protection formula, does not contain heavy metal, phthalate, methanol and other harmful substances.

Because of its outstanding stability and durability, stone model floor already solved the problem that real wood floor be affected by damp be out of shape mouldy rot, solve the formaldehyde problem of other decorate material again.It is suitable for indoor decoration, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and other public places.


Stone plactic composite

Structure:  wear layer+ deco film + SPC extrudate + IXPE film.

 Invest cost:  Lowest invest cost and easiest to produce, less labors, compare to WPC and LVT, require One line SPC extrudate line + uvcoating, cutting, grooving, IXPE applying lines. 

Density 1.95-2.10 g/cm³, shrinkage≤0.08%,

Advantage: SPC floor physical indicators are more stable and reliable because of high density, no need glue, could install easily. Good effect of Soundproof.

Disadvantage: Heavy cause to transport cost higher. If not controling well, cause to board fragile.





Wood Plastic Composition

Structure:  wear layer+ deco film( LVT layer) + WPC extrudate + IXPE film.

Higher invest cost: One line WPC foaming line + press machines + uvcoating, cutting, grooving, IXPE applying lines. Shrinkage of length 0.11%, width 0.07%, bending 0.25mm

Advantage:Price cheaper than SPC, LVT, bit higher than traditional PVC. Installation cost is much cheaper than traditional PVC.

Silence and foot feel are definitely good, especially WPC floors with cork or EVA pads.

Disadvantage: WPC with less density cause to board very light, and higher shrinkage cause to board easy to be bending.





Luxury vinyl tile

Structure:  wear layer+ deco film + LVT middle core + LVT bottom core + IXPE film.

Expensive invest cost: One line LVT extrudate line + press machines + uvcoating, cutting, grooving, IXPE applying lines

Styles: Dry back(normal need glue), Click, loose lay (no click no glue, very soft but expensive).

Density 1.95-2.05 g/cm³ for middle layer, 1.6-1.8 g/cm³ for bottom layer.Shrinkage 0.08-0.15%, bending in 80℃ 0.5(loose lay)-1.2mm(dry back).

Advantage: Floor quality of a material is softer so flexibility is very good, have good flexibility to restore below the impact of heavy article, won’t cause damage.

Disadvantage: The basic course when LVT floor is laid must level off, solid, dry, plastic floor surface is smooth, without dropping edge,smear, dirt and impurity.


SPC flooring is more stable because of it’s high density and hardness, not easy to be bending, besides, SPC price higher than WPC, lower than LVT, high quality SPC flooring with wear layer resistance is very popular all over the world.

WPC is very light, and cheaper than SPC, LVT, Shrinkage and warping is better than LVT, foot feels and soundproof effect are better than LVT especially cork and EVA cushion applied. WPC machine could make very thicker boards than SPC machine and LVT machine. WPC is widely used in marketing buildings because of cheap cost and light with less load-bearing for buildings.

LVT could make thin material with cheaper price, 1.5-3mm thickness with glue installation. Thicker loose lay apply thicker LVT wear layer over 0.7mm for very long lifetime. Vinyl flooring wear layer thickness could be modified according to material and final flooring thickness.

LVT floor texture is relatively soft so elasticity is very good, under the impact of heavy objects has a good elastic recovery, at the same time, LVT floor has a strong impact resistance, damage to heavy impact has a strong elastic recovery, will not cause damage.Excellent LVT floor can reduce the harm that the ground faces human body to the largest extent, can disperse the impact to sufficient ministry, newest research data makes clear, after the space shop with bigger flow of people installed outstanding LVT floor, its personnel falls and the rate that get hurt reduced nearly 70% than other floor board.