China floor’effert on patent and future way of unlocking.

China floor’effert on patent and future way of unlocking.

Floor industry a number of companies have recently won the top prize in the patent field, the China patent award. And many of these patents belong to the “geothermal floor” technology, it shows China floor industry did effort on patent field and focus more on the geothermal wear abrasion overlay floor category.

In 2017, jiusheng applied for 12 new invention patents for abrasion paper flooring.Among them, “wood microwave vacuum drying technology for solid wood floor heating” solves the key problems of drying in the actual production process of solid wood floor heating.”Wood microwave impregnation modification process for solid wood floor heating” improves the performance of wood for floor heating, and makes jiusheng solid wood floor heating meet the requirements of “high quality and high performance”.The company has applied for 6 new utility model patents, including “end buckle structure of solid wood floor heating”, “silent solid wood floor heating with PE film“, “an environmental protection and moisture-proof solid wood floor paving structure” and so on.The application of these patents, very good to solve the real wood floor heating in different shop environment under the shop problem, make the shop installed after the long sheng real wood floor heating with moisture-proof, stable, quiet effect.

On November 1, 2017, shangchen flooring won the patent award “first prize” by virtue of pure solid wood geothermal flooring. This award is undoubtedly a high recognition of shangchen flooring’s contribution in scientific and technological innovation over the years, and also confirms shangchen’s original intention of providing high-quality and warm home life for users all over the country.

On December 12, 2017, published by the state intellectual property office of the the 19th China patent award, evaluation results in the flooring industry, the big day, and of the lattice respectively with the four layers laminate of wood floor covered with melamine overlay paper and its heat production technology “, “method will be applied to the geothermal environment of real wood floor and real wood floor pavement structure” patent, respectively won the “China patent excellence award”.

On March 20, 2018, at the 20th China international exhibition of floor materials including scratch abrasion overlay and pavement technology in Shanghai international exhibition center, tiange’s wood geothermal floor was unveiled as a new product category, instantly becoming the focus of the whole household industry.

On August 8, 2018, shangchen net aldehyde wood floor passed the examination of the state intellectual property office, and finally won the utility model patent certificate (patent number: ZL 2017 2 1325527.7).

The 20th China patent award awarding conference, jointly organized by the state intellectual property office (sipo) and the world intellectual property organization (wipo), is held in Beijing, dec 25, 2018.The patent of “a kind of plywood with super thick core layer and its preparation technology” (ZL 201510061762.7) invented by luli wood industry co., ltd. has won the excellence award of the 20th China patent award.

From the perspective of the overall environment, although many patents have emerged in the wear layer  floor industry, there is still a lack of intellectual property rights in the industry as a whole.

Intellectual property barrier is actually a new and more effective means of concealing trade protection.The intellectual property rampart that industry of wood floor of our country encounters intellectual property is the most direct reason is the suspicion that the enterprise has encroach intellectual property right of others.Because of our country great majority wood floor enterprise does not have complete industry chain, a lot of wood floor enterprises are in him be in charge of production while, gave channel and brand other company, its result is lack the power that develops namely, lack intellectual property right.

So how can brands grow and become consumer brands?What about the absence of intellectual property?

  Technical short board causes floor country “be locked” awkwardness

What must say here is the core technology of overlayer floor industry — lock technology, still be in clear patent deficit position compared with euramerican country.The lock of wooden floor fastening technology basically concentrates in Europe, as we have learned, the country that global wood floor fastening technology patent accepts a quantity to rank before 10 and area are United States, Europe, China and Germany respectively, its accept the sum of amount to occupy global to accept the 58.29% of gross.In addition, the number of patents accepted by the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) is growing rapidly, indicating that patent applicants for lock up are increasingly seeking overseas patent distribution through patent cooperation treaties.

In particular, the strength of large enterprises, in technology and Europe is still a big gap.This requires enterprises to pay more attention to the upgrading of technology while developing and upgrading consumption.A brand must be supported by intellectual property rights to protect its uniqueness, so that its development will be more long-term.

Gu guohua of President of board of shang Chen floor says: detail and quality, it is about the continuance development of an enterprise.Shangchen wear abrasion overlay floor has been riding the wind and waves in the competition of market incentive for ten years and steadily rising, which means that we shangchen people keep a good eye on every detail and regard quality as life.Pay attention to innovation, pay attention to development, work together to open up a better future, and strive to continue the honor brand of “China’s top ten flooring brands”.

How does floor industry “unlock” after all?

In 2017, China’s laminate overlay flooring industry finally ushered in a new turning point this year.Hundreds of international floor locks patent expired, the international lock giant renegotiated, renegotiated, our country overlay tissue floor industry ushered in the best opportunity of patent protection.Many enterprises have landed patents, many new products appear, floor industry in scientific and technological innovation has been greatly improved.

Floor industry “unlock” the road has begun gradually.

The state forestry administration of intellectual property research center, deputy director of the standing zhong-ming wang suggests: lock and technology of China should explore the diversification of lock plug way, at the same time, enterprises should dynamic tracing and focus on core patent legal status, for some high technical content, development and application value of invalid patent, and has not yet come into our patent to reasonable use.

In fact, investigate its “unlock” fundamental, innovation is still the only way to solve everything.Top priority is to speed up the development of new technology and product innovation, at the same time actively in international patent applications, in the United States, Europe, Japan and other major global trade area and target market stepping up patent can truly effective implementation technologies of resources complementary, to reduce the cost and risk, promote technological innovation, and build competitive advantage.