The key word of flooring lead you to next step

The key word of flooring lead you to next step

In 2018, pure pulp wear layer floor is fraught with anxiety and hardship, with weak channels, homogenization, and profit margins repeatedly compressed. Enter 2019, how should wear-resistant overlay floor company deal with? And released 2018 annual we think the most worthy of attention of the industry key words: inventory and rental housing, multi-channel management, environmental protection, design, prefabricated decoration and ready, brand extension and focus, warm and stone floor with pvc overlay of real wood floor, intelligent manufacturing, on the basis of flooring industry leaders will seize the trend in 2019, let oneself become fashion leaders, see the future, seize the direction, to the nuggets.

So, how we think about these key words?

  1. Stock rooms and rental rooms

Yu liang, chairman of vanke’s board of directors, said in a speech at vanke’s monthly meeting in September 2018 that a turning point has come for the real estate industry.Vanke’s slogan is “live on”, and country garden has seen frequent fire sales of 50% off and 30% off. In first-tier and second-tier cities, the price and purchase of commercial real estate are limited. The transaction volume of commercial real estate has dropped.A consensus is basically formed in the mind of the whole household practitioners: as the real estate industry enters the severe winter, the incremental users in the first – and second-tier cities are almost gone. In the first-tier cities represented by Shanghai and Beijing, the main urban areas are all old houses (existing houses). Therefore, the secondary reconstruction of existing houses focuses on the market.A view that the last wave of decoration is in 2000-2005 began, China’s decoration industry warranty period is about 10 years, so 2010-2015 that batch of old houses began to carry out second decoration, for this reason, the stock market should be our focus on the market.

In addition, due to the gradual implementation of the housing system of “simultaneous rent and purchase” and “equal right to rent and purchase”, the rental market has been pushed to the forefront.According to relevant data analysis, China’s housing rental market size is expected to jump from 1.1 trillion yuan to 4.6 trillion yuan by 2030.In the face of the hundreds of billions of yuan level rental market policy dividend, in terms of ground decoration, with the stone wood plastic floor with pvc wear layer as the representative of the SPC floor with pvc overlay film, because of its own characteristics and advantages can be in this battle as much as possible

Therefore, at this unprecedented turning point, we should actively explore and pay attention to the real estate stock and rental housing market.

  1. Multi-channel operation

In the past, the traditional marketing channels of laminate abrasion overlay paper flooring enterprises were dealers, and the development and growth of enterprises were inseparable from dealers. Now, the resources of traditional dealers have a large market share, which is occupied by real estate companies and decoration companies.

According to the semi-annual performance report of nature home in 2018, the number of nature floor production and sales stores decreased by 446. However, the sales volume of its overlay tissue floor business did not decline, but increased by up to 39%. The core reason for the growth was the delivery of its real estate projects.Statistics show, 2017 fine decoration in China’s real estate market proportion has reached 20%, the top 50 real estate enterprises in the hardbound room and accounted for about 60% of the national market, and the vast majority of the top 50 real estate developers hardcover material centralized purchasing has implemented strategy, according to the whole decorate proportion of housing policy requirements, before and after 2020, core city to do a complete coverage of 100%.To this end, the cooperation with real estate enterprises, squeezed into the real estate purchase list, almost abrasion paper  flooring enterprises involved in engineering channel development strategy standard allocation.

Bell floor’s new retail strategy 3.0 conference was held in changzhou in August 2018. Mr. Lin haitei, general manager of bell global free brand center, declared that “in 3 years, bell new retail will lay 20,000 shell stores, becoming the new building materials retail No.1.Whether alibaba slightly investment home, incredibly still beauty of tencent and red star triumphant dragon reached a strategic cooperation, all of this suggests that belongs to the floor with wear layer of the time has come for a new retail industry, the core of the new retail lies in promoting the integration of online and offline, brings to the consumer, unmatched consumer experience to the extreme, on the other hand, in the commercial side to create business efficiency to the extreme, the overlay paper floor enterprise by electric business platform to understand, buying habits, behavior pattern of user interests and build user, to pack the goods according to the characteristics of different groups and research new, make a product and marketing to meet the user’s preferences and needs,Better guide the enterprise product research and development direction and marketing strategy.

In 2018, anxin melamine overlay flooring actively explored a variety of marketing models, set up a new retail department, cooperated with gold mantis, b&q and other home improvement supermarkets, and achieved significant growth in new retail sales.New retail is not only a new opportunity for traditional building materials enterprises, but also a new marketing model for home decoration design companies, traditional home building materials supermarkets and shopping malls.

In addition, we have also noticed that the transaction amount of the official nature flagship store on November 11, 2018 has exceeded 237 million yuan. Many companies are actively developing new channels to attract customers, such as more and more shops, chattering sound, derivative sales, WeChat official account, full decoration, finished residential buildings, and netease strict selection.It is not difficult to predict that in the future revenue structure of the melamine overlay paper flooring company, the sales proportion from the new retail, engineering and other diversified channels will gradually increase, and the flooring industry has entered the era of multi-channel operation.

  1. The environmental protection

2019 open year when, world friend overlay laminate floor rolls out all the line E0 class environmental protection standard, external declare real wood, laminate floor with flooring wear layer , aggrandizement floor upgrades E0 class standard entirely.Environmental protection has always been the main concern of the overlay paper floor industry, and at the moment, the requirements for environmental protection, is not only for the level of consumers, but more importantly for the level of self-survival of enterprises, the national environmental protection policy has fully explained this.The environmental protection tax law was implemented, and the collection of environmental protection tax was launched. Nearly 30 provinces and autonomous regions have announced the specific use tax of taxable air pollutants 

  1. Designs

Chen xiaolong, chairman and President of shengxiang group, said the brand launch event of shengxiang in 2019 with the theme of “shengxiang designers, starting from the scratch resistant overlay floor” was held at the Shanghai world expo center in September 2018.The strategy of “design creates new value” is a brand new plan and description of the value orientation, driving mode, power source and implementation path of the enterprise’s future development under the background of new historical period, new society and consumption.

In the past 10 years, under the background of consumption upgrading, single products and services can no longer meet the needs of consumption. The performance of consumption upgrading not only lies in the upgrading of abrasion resistance flooring product including overlay paper positioning, but also lies in the fact that consumers pay more attention to personalized, market-oriented and younger elements.The element that consumer is fond of be fond of is inserted into the operation that designs at wearing layer floor product and overlayer floor activity plan in, be to whole abrasion-resistant overlay floor brand to have big pull to rise action for certain.In this change, the design ability has become one of the core competitiveness of flooring enterprises.

  1. Brand extension and brand focus

Zhejiang nanxun area known as the wood floor, but with the mature technology, wood floor industry profit margins are compressed, step by step on price, product homogeneity, generating brand differentiation to companies such as weakness, makes many of nanxun floor enterprise also in thinking about new ways, nanxun today is no longer a single is given priority to with wood floor production area, and nearly half the transformation are the origin to the entire household.In 2017, anxin started to officially launch and make whole-house wood customization.Natural floor layout everybody lives strategy, involve the floor, wooden door, ambry, chest, wall paper to wait for many household category.Shengxiang expands its product categories to five categories including flooring with floor wear resistance, standard doors, wardrobe, integral kitchen and shengshi annual ring furniture, providing consumers with integrated solutions for home purchase.

Flooring enterprises (single category) transformation of the habitat strategy, the main reasons are the following:

  1. There is a feature in the home furnishing industry, which is low in attention and low in consumption. Consumers usually do not pay attention to the brands in a subdivided industry and cannot remember several brands.For the brand, this is to expand the role of brand potential energy, with a mature brand to drive other products, understandable.
  2. It is easy for a single brand to reach the ceiling of the market, especially for the superior company. Therefore, it has become an inevitable choice to enter the company, which is the need of scale growth and greater development.
  3. From the perspective of users, consumers have a demand for integrated solutions, especially the young post-80s and 90s consumers who are getting lazier and lazier. They want one-stop solutions for everyone.
  4. With the sharp increase in sales costs such as rent and personnel of dealers, the single customer list value and profit margin are not enough to support their operation, so they have to enrich their operation categories

Of course, to this industry also has different voice, when a lot of overlay floor enterprises choose everybody to reside or diversity, much category strategy, long sheng overlay paper floor adopts brand focus strategy, focus energy is in the real wood floor area that has an advantage, and key development floor of floor warmth real wood.Zhang kai, chairman of jiusheng flooring, said: “focusing on scratch abrasion resistant overlay flooring is not our bet, but on the basis of sufficient market research in the early stage, with full confidence in the development of this field

Brand extension or brand focus strategy, which is the future of the industry?This is a need for a long time research, validation of topic, but in the face of the current uncertain political and economic environment, protective layer overlay floor of us try to see the next ten years, twenty years, thirty years in the industry what is one of the biggest problems, if today we foresee the future there will be such and such a problem, then we start action today, suitable for their own development strategies, then firmly aimed at the direction, then got out of the question, we will be able to deal with.

  1. Stone plastic floor and flooringwith pvc overlay film

Through China international exhibition of floor materials including pvc overlay film and pavement technology, we have the honor to contact thousands of overlay film manufacturers in the floor industry. We have observed and learned that there are two categories of products that are very popular in the market, one is the stone plastic floor with pvc abrasion resistant overlay, the other is the floor heating real wood floor.Market data for the two products sales at home and abroad, related units is still in statistics, we will separately through the DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR over the same period of “the fifth world conference on the floor with overlay film and 22nd floor industry peak BBS in China” and “the eighth floor heating peak BBS and 2019 of real wood floor of real wood floor of floor heating category conference” to do the scene. 

Notable events, one is, in June 2018, the forest industry association Shi Mu plastic materials and products environmental protection branch, a total of 130 unit members, among them, the rotating unit six, respectively is wealth fortune’s wood industry (China) co., LTD., jiangsu candy and wood industry co., LTD., holy elephant group co., LTD., zhejiang day vibration bamboo development co., LTD., scholarly family household co., LTD. (Shanghai) aesthetics and creative players of zhongshan city household co., LTD.Stone wood plastic floor with pvc overlay is regarded as cleaner, safe, hard, beautiful, waterproof and scratched floor with scratch abrasion overlay film, and construction is convenient, in recent years, the rapid development, mainly used in the kitchen, bathroom and school, office building, shopping mall and other public places pvc overlay floor, as well as metope decorative materials.

Another event, in February 2018, aqsiq, national standards approved by the official launch “technical requirements of real wood floor is used in heating” (hereinafter referred to as: “the real wood floor of floor heating is the national standard”), and at present the geothermic floor level as a strategic products, or its companies involved in real wood floor of floor heating products, at least 30, including days, pare, nature, long sheng, essence, iconography, home life, pan American, macro, the friend, etc.Jiusheng, tiange and other companies regard it as the main business, and some comprehensive big brands, such as high, nature, holy image, etc., spare no effort to enhance the influence of the category.

  1. Prefabricated decoration and decoration

Traditional way is decorated, want to experience hydraulic engineering, electrician, carpentry, bricklayer, oily worker to wait for many working procedure, complete set of project ends to need 10 people to work continuously 45 days of above.Using the method of assembly decoration, three workers about 10 days time can be completed.From the perspective of the whole industry, the emergence of assembly-style decoration, so that always in the workshop-style production of hard outfit into soft outfit furniture like the product of the overall plan for sales.This is a big step forward in the home furnishing industry. The solution of hard decoration is conducive to the promotion of the whole house solution, making one-stop shop possible.Bring good to the industry at the same time, the emergence and promotion of assembly type, will bring impact to the floor industry?For example, it USES bamboo fiber board, calcium silicate board as the main material, to a certain extent can replace the use of the wear-resistant overlay floor, the floor industry deserves our attention.

And outfit is inside course of study real sense is to do not have strict standard, the concept that the industry accepts generally is, alleged outfit helps owner one stop to decide namely decorate, furniture, adornment, let owner carry a bag easily to move in purpose.Whole outfit includes base to install namely, hard outfit arrives soft outfit, besides the any thing that oneself buy besides articles for daily use and life home appliance is wrapped inside.We all know, at the moment 80 hind, 90 hind already became the main consumer group that the family decorates, one of the biggest characteristics of this kind of group is “lazy”, they are in decorate means to choose on, “hands-on, oneself are done” scale is very low, and to “whole house outfit, carry a bag to move in” accept degree is higher and higher.And young generation consumes a concept, pay attention to the sense of integral space more, and be not the detail of specific material and local design and color.

We have learned that real estate companies, home decoration companies and whole house customization enterprises are all transforming and doing redecoration. The core purpose of their transformation and redecoration is to seize the consumer entrance and service end.No matter it is whole-house customization or flooring enterprise, our advantage only lies in the product end, while our disadvantage lies in the consumption entrance and service end. Therefore, it is a subject that cannot be ignored to get close to the consumption entrance. To get involved in the whole installation is to gain the dominant power of design, and the front end should be withheld.

Anyhow, the floor with overlay regards household as the component that decorate, face whole outfit and assemble type decorate this new kind, can bring revolutionary effect to our floor industry, be worth our floor person observation and ponder.

  1. Intelligent manufacturing

With made in China, 2025, the employment pressure and abrasion-resistant overlay floor enterprise and labor costs continue to rise, intelligent manufacturing more and more attention, the current domestic production floor with overlay only a few enterprises is to implement comprehensive digitization software and automation mechanical operation, single batch order batch and equipment investment is no digital two big reasons to upgrade, the wear abrasion overlay floor of the medium-sized enterprises, the orders are not sufficient to support such a large investment in equipment and operation.For this reason, in the current abrasion resistant overlay floor production process, most of them belong to piecewise production, and the equipment needs to be monitored by people, so the cloud platform operation of the software cannot be carried out.

Xiao-bo wu’s New Year’s speech, about 2019, one of which is “custom is becoming a trend,” custom according to the consumer personality is the most fundamental characteristic of the need for product design and manufacture of installation and service, C2B, we can say that the floor industry is still in the phase of the development of B2C, and the whole house custom household industry has realized the C2B, means that the industry has realized the “massive” personalized customization and “front end design and back-end integration”, this implementation is through informatization, network, digital and other industrial 4.0 reached the most advanced software and hardware technology application.It is because the whole house customized home furnishing industry has truly customized products and services according to the personalized needs of consumers that this industry has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. It has become the benchmark for the transformation and upgrading of China’s traditional manufacturing industry and the tuyere industry of China’s home furnishing materials and home decoration industry.Therefore, belongs to the tissue overlay floor industry large-scale personalized custom production of intelligent manufacturing, worthy of our attention.

Above, we briefly reviewed what happened in the tissue overlay flooring industry in 2018 and picked out and interpreted eight key words.In the face of the uncertain political and economic environment, in order to gain an advantage in the fierce competition, innovation and reform has become a must. However, we must clearly know that the core of melamine overlay flooring products is always quality, and winning with quality is the core.

March 26-28, 2019, Shanghai new international exhibition center.The annual global pvc overlay film flooring party is just around the corner.The 21st China international exhibition of flooring materials like 0.3mm overlay paper wear layer and pavement technology will be held grandly, with the hot spots and future development trends of the flooring industry.Before on March 25, the Chinese forest product industrial association and the institute of wood industry, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Shanghai winyao dragon enterprises exhibition co., LTD., to undertake “the fifth world conference on the floor with floor wear resistance and 22nd Chinese flooring industry peak BBS”, to “give new momentum to construct new pattern” as the theme, the development trend of the global market, share strategy, technology, products, industry chain, trade channels, in areas such as innovation view, promote industrial chain depth fusion, the domestic market development, international exchange and trade cooperation, we sincerely invite the personage inside course of study to attend, discussing deeply.